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Zodiac Signs for August and September


Zodiac signs are signs that are associated with the various months of the year. Each period has a specific symbol, That sign is given to the people born during that period. Those people tend to have similar traits associated with the month they were born. Most of the people who were taken at a specific period are said to have similar characteristics related to the sign given to the period. Some of the signs are for the people born in the last part of August and the first part of September.


The sign for this period is known as Virgo star sign. Most of the Virgos are intelligent, patient and humble. Mercury is their ruling planet, and those born under this Zodiac Sign are quick thinkers, observant and analytical.  The following are general characteristics of the Virgo personalities. This article will analyze their common characteristics found in men, women, children, and people in love. If you are interested I know about these people, or you happen to be one of them, here is what they do. You can read through to help you understand the people around you.


The August, September Zodiac men are quiet and dignified. He has some discriminating tastes but loves learning. Most of them like the style and they tend to assume nothing. They love and concern themselves with their health and fitness. That makes them care about what they eat. The women in this category have a discreet charm. They are also intelligent and very thoughtful. Most of the Virgo women are efficient and hardworking in all what they do. Other than working hard they are also organized, and they like balancing their personal life with their profession. Most of the Virgie women keep very high standards of living.


On the other hand, the Virgo child needs affection. They can be very emotional and shy. That makes them require a lot of support especially when it comes to choosing finds. They are quiet and may not be able to approach people and therefore do not make friends quickly. However, once they get friends, they may keep them for long. They are cool and do not like causing trouble among friends. The Virgo youngster may need the support of parents to develop some interest in a particular game that they can fit in. Most Virgo lovers are committed to their relationship. They value other people and want to help others. For more facts about astrology, visit this website at http://www.dictionary.com/browse/astrology.